Everything Starts From Your Demand

Unit configuration description




  • A set of corrugated telescopic smoke exhaust pipe, smoke exhaust elbow and silencer;
  • A set of starting battery and connecting wire;
  • One set of manual (including original quality certification documents).

Follow the standard

  • Diesel engine: IS03046, DIN6271, BS5514;
  • Generator: Part lll of BS5000, IEC34-1, VDE0530, UTE5100, NEMA MG1-22, CEMA, GSA222, AS1359 and GB755;
  • Generatorset: ISO8528, GB/T20.5-2000

Optional configuration

  • Programmable automatic contro screen
  • Automatic load output conversion screen
  • Fully automatic parallel control panel
  • Central Network Monitoring System
  • Silent type
  • Trailer mobile, vehicle-mounted power station
  • Oil tank, bottom oil tank
  • Oil-water separator, water jacket heater, heat exchanger
  • Original genuine spare parts and wearing parts